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As Malaysia is a multi-cultural country, there is a need for psychologists. This profession can help maintain the psychological well-being of the society. A Malaysia psychologist is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to help people overcome their emotional and psychological challenges. The country is also known for its diverse ethnicity, which results in different perspectives among the people. A psychologist can help bring people from diverse backgrounds together. They can also help people with different ages and cultures overcome misunderstandings.

Salary of a Malaysian Clinical Psychologist

A Malaysian clinical psychologist can expect to earn around RM355,326 per year. However, the average salary for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia is much lower than that of the national average. The national average salary for psychologists is $64,240, but it can differ from state to state. In Malaysia, psychology is one of the most popular courses, and the profession offers a wide range of career options.

There is a high demand for psychologists, and the number of jobs in Malaysia is growing every year. According to the Ministry of Health, approximately seven million Malaysians suffer from psychological distress. There are about 200 clinical psychologists in Malaysia, compared to about 9,500 in the UK. In other words, the demand for clinical psychologists is higher than the supply. Although the demand for psychologists in Malaysia is high, there are few available positions.

Education required

Educating to become a Malaysian psychologist requires completing several courses. This career path will include extensive clinical instruction, including the treatment of patients in their psychological environments. It will also include study of the basic theories of psychology. Upon graduation, students can apply for licensure in the country as licensed psychotherapists. The International Psychology Centre in Malaysia offers courses in this specialty. The center has a team of experienced psychologists, including Dr. Chan, its principal consultant psychologist.

Getting an education to become a Malaysian psychologist requires a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. The course includes a minimum of 1500 supervised hours, including 700 supervised hours with clients. Under the Allied Health Professions Act 2016, a Malaysian psychologist is required to possess the education, training and experience necessary to practice. Clinical psychologists assess mental health problems and provide psychotherapy services. Upon completion of their training, they can work as a psychologist for the government, private practice, or nonprofit organizations.

Career prospects

There is a critical shortage of mental health professionals in Malaysia. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought mental health awareness to the forefront of the public’s consciousness. Worldwide, an estimated 121 million people suffer from mental illness. Psychologists are essential to support mental health. With an urgent need for psychologists in Malaysia, the country has a huge shortage. In spite of the shortage, there are plenty of career prospects for psychology graduates.

If you’re interested in working in research, a degree in psychology can open many doors. Careers in research are possible in government, nonprofit organizations, or in universities. University-based careers tend to combine teaching and research. Careers in other sectors may focus on the development of government policy or issues of importance to industry. Careers in human resources and communications are also possible. Human resources careers can include employee satisfaction surveys and recruitment, while communications may involve marketing or public relations.

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